LUXE Linear Drains Provide Accessibility for Senior Living

As noted in Building Design and Construction, using technology to enhance senior living is one of the top trends in that field. One of the ways that senior living is made easier is through the use of linear drains such as those made by LUXE Linear Drains.

By removing the curves in the floor that are necessary for point drains, architects and designers create a space that is much safer and friendlier for senior citizens. A slightly-slanted floor is all that is required for a linear drain to work flawlessly, and it prevents many accidents that might occur with the less-safe rise and fall of point drain flooring.

Senior Living Linear Drains

LUXE Linear Drains provides drains that are safer for senior living and easier for designers to incorporate.

There are many choices for linear drains on the market, but LUXE Linear Drains provides the absolute highest-quality drains of this kind that you will find in the United States. All it takes is one touch to realize that our products are special and significantly more reliable than others you will find in stores or online.

Call LUXE Linear Drains today to see why incorporating these products into your design is one of the best and easiest decisions you can make.

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