LUXE Stainless Steel Knife Slots Blend Form and Function

LUXE linear knife slotKnives are an essential part of every kitchen and your knives’ storage should be safe and convenient. It also should not cause any damage to the knife or to the surface where it’s stored. Finding a knife slot that fits with the styling in your kitchen should not be a daunting task.With LUXE stainless steel knife slots, your needs will be met.

Our knife slots are stylishly designed to fit in any kitchen. They seamlessly blend with any counter and the marine grade steel used for them ensures that they will last for a very long time. Because stainless steel is not affected by rust, the slots can be exposed to water without suffering damage.

LUXE knife slots can be inlaid on any counter and connected to the drainage system with ease. This ensures that your knives stay dry and safe as the sharp edges remain in the slot. This will allow you to rest assure without any fear of accidents or injuries occurring from the knives when your kids are in the kitchen.  And for green enthusiasts, you will be happy to note that steel is a 100% renewable material, which means that they can be recycled into other steel products in the future.

If you are interested in having stainless steel knife slots installed in your residential or commercial kitchen, contact our team here at LUXE Linear Drains at 877-398-8110.

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