LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Insert Drains are Ideal for All Pro Remodelers


LUXE Linear Drains, a leading producer of architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel linear channel drains and square inserts for modern, stylish custom showers, has introduced its new LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Insert Drain as the decorative replacement for the outdated round-center drain that’s limited bath design and frustrated residential remodelers and contractors for way too long. The new LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Insert Drain creates the illusion of vanishing water underfoot and provides the perfect solution for stylish showers in all residential settings, including all tub-to-shower conversion remodeling projects. In addition, the freedom to place the drain anywhere in the layout provides the added ability to remodel baths and showers into stylish, barrier-free, zero-threshold easy to access wheel-in-entry showers for modern seniors aging at home.

The new 5” x5” (13x13cm), decorative LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Insert Drains allow for unlimited surface design possibilities when remodeling showers. The first major upgrade is of course, the disappearance of the unsightly drain right in the center of the floor. LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Insert Drains allow remodelers to create barrier-free showers with trendy, uninterrupted tile designs using large-format porcelain tiles, natural thin stone tiles, glass mosaics or solid surface, including for drains tile inserts (inserts up to ¼” thick). All LUXE Linear Drains are produced independent of any one particular installation materials manufacturer or methods. This provides remodelers the opportunity to work with the materials and methods they prefer, which can lead to huge time- and labor-saving benefits, while limiting the threat of call-backs at the same time. LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Insert Drains feature universal design elements including welded 2- and 3” central diameter outlets for fast, easy installations. LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Insert Drains simply replace the existing strainer and flange in all standard clamp-down shower floors.

LUXE Linear Drains, P.O. Box 8064, Atlanta, Georgia 31106. For more information please email, or call (office) 877.398.8100.


  1. Lisa King says

    I ordered the stainless square tile insert shower drain and noticed that it doesn’t have a basket or strainer in the bottom of it. Is there an optional piece (grate or basket) that can be purchased to go in this drain to act as a strainer??? I really like it, but I need something with a strainer in it..

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