LUXE Marble Insert Linear Drains

Luxe tile insert linear drain white porcelain tub
When you think of a designer shower, what comes to mind?

Maybe you think of a roomy space with floor-to-ceiling tiling, a waterfall shower head, and a skylight allowing sunshine to seep in and create the illusion of an outdoor paradise. Or maybe you’re picturing a luxurious bathtub/shower combo, like the designer shower pictured above.

What strikes you about this photo? If you look closely, you might notice the LUXE Marble Insert Linear Drain. You might notice it because the pattern of the drain matches the pattern of the tile, allowing the water to seemingly disappear into the floor. The luxury, alas, is that your drain is now a seamless continuance of your beautiful marble design.

LUXE tile installation specifications are available on the Platinum Stainless Steel website. And, yes, these drains can be installed by an untrained individual or certified building professional. Are you ready to bring luxury to your shower?

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