Maximizing Safety with Linear Drains

Linear drains can ultimately create a safer bathing area for all individuals, no matter age or ability. How? It is quite simple – the single pitch of the floor towards the linear drain creates a more stable, continuous bathing surface. Linear drains also typically have higher drain rates. All LUXE Linear Drains can drain up to 9 GPM.  Less standing water = less chance for slipping.

Photo Courtesy of JD Kitchens Baths & More

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s further discuss how exactly linear drains can maximize bathing safety. Linear drains allow for the removal of the typical curb at the shower entry, as pictured above. You may have heard the terms ‘no curb’, ‘barrier free’ or ‘zero threshold’ in referring to curb-less shower designs. With the elimination of the curb, it is crucial that the drain effectively separates wet areas from dry – which brings us back to the importance of the drain rate. To maximize safety, the goal is for the drain to quickly and effectively drain as much water as possible. Additionally, the elimination of the curb reduces the chance of tripping upon entering the shower area while simultaneously allowing for devices to be wheeled into the shower area easily (e.g., wheelchairs and walkers). Whether for residential or commercial settings, the no curb, single plane is very important for individuals with mobility challenges. Pretty neat one simple design change can offer so many benefits, right? 

The next question we usually receive when discussing linear drains and bathing safety is where to install the drain. Each project, and the needs of every homeowner (or facility), differs. Consulting a specialist – whether that be your interior design, universal design or aging-in-place specialist, architect, general contractor, or tile contractor – is the best course of action.  The two placement options we typically see the most in regards to bathing safety are at the threshold and opposite the threshold. Some prefer the drain to be installed at the threshold, so all water goes down the drain and not out of the shower, which is certainly advisable. Another equally as great option is installing opposite the threshold. This again goes back to the single pitch of the floor towards the drain. The water will follow the slope of the shower floor away from the threshold and into the drain. 

 Full bathroom renovation designed for aging-in-place. Custom LUXE Square Pattern linear drain installed opposite the threshold, along the back wall of the shower.
 Designs by BSB Atlanta, GA

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