Meet the Kitchen Bench Drain

Kitchen Bench DrainAre you looking for the perfect compliment for your kitchen sink? Something that adds functionality as well as elegance? The Kitchen Bench Drain offered by LUXE Linear Drains meets this needs and then some.

A kitchen bench drain can be aligned either vertically or horizontally with your kitchen sink and comes in five different sizes. These models are all 100mm wide and range from 450mm in length to 1000mm in length. This flexibility allows you to create a subtle, effective, and integrated look.

These drains also allow you to keep your counters and sink clean and spot-free by drying glasses and other items cleanly and without buildup. You, past clients, are sure to be amazed by how much a kitchen bench drain brings to your kitchen.

Want to learn more about the Kitchen Bench Drain and its various uses? Contact LUXE Linear Drains at 404-395-0070.

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