Mixing Metals

As Matte Black and Gold tones continue to be popular choices in bathroom construction and remodels, you may wonder what about the other colors that were just topping the yearly bathroom trends lists? Rose Gold? Oil Rubbed Bronze? The classics – Chrome and Satin Nickel? Well, the good news is metals can be mixed! Sure, some designers [or homeowners] may prefer that every single finish in the bathroom matches, which can certainly be done, but it is not always necessary. Don’t want to upgrade the plumbing fixtures? No problem. Throw some gold knobs on the vanity or add in a modern black mirror. Worried your Rose Gold is no longer on trend? Try mixing in some other gold tones to play down the Rose Gold. Gold and Rose Gold can easily be mixed since both colors contain the same warm undertones.

LUXE Tile Insert

Now you might be wondering how mixing metals relates to shower drains? All LUXE drains come in a standard Satin Stainless finish. However, LUXE can custom make any finish – Matte Black, Champagne, Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze. Additionally, LUXE Wedgewire is now stocked in Polished Stainless, making it a great match for Chrome fixtures or hardware [available in both linear and square 5” x 5” drain options]. LUXE Tile Insert is designed to blend into the shower floor, so even with the Satin Stainless finish, it easily matches most shower designs – as pictured above with gold plumbing fixtures.

Many interior designers will suggest picking a dominant metal. In the below picture the Oil Rubbed Bronze shower fixtures are most certainly the dominant metal. The [Satin Stainless] LUXE linear drain running along the back wall of the shower compliments the overall shower and bathroom design without taking the focus away from the beautiful tile and fixtures. A perfect example of metal mixing done right.

Photo Credit: Designs by Becky Sue Becker

The Decorators’ Show House at the Palazzo Rosa in Buckhead [Atlanta, GA] featured Oil Rubbed Bronze shower hardware, Satin Stainless LUXE Tile Insert linear and square drains, and Gold light fixtures. The metal mixing complimented the overall design, keeping true to the Palazzo Rosa’s history while modernizing the luxurious primary bathroom. 

And this envy-worthy outdoor shower [below] mixes Chrome and Satin Stainless seamlessly.


So if you’re thinking of mixing metals, it can be done! Just remember – keep cool tones with cool tones and warm tones with warm tones [think Gold & Rose Gold] and be sure to pick a dominant metal as demonstrated by the installation photos included in this post. Happy designing! 

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