New Finishes at LUXE

New finishes have finally arrived at LUXE! Champagne, Matte Black and Rose Gold. The perfect finishes to match a wide array of bathroom fixtures and hardware. All [custom] finishes were previously available for special order only, but limited quantities are readily available in our Square Pattern, Subway and Wedgewire linear drains.

Gold fixtures have been making a strong comeback in the kitchen and bath industry. Not those terrible brass sink handles from the 80’s and 90’s, but redesigned silhouettes, tones and finishes (hello matte golds!). Although we fully support mixing metals, we have also received many requests for gold linear drains, and we are excited to be able to finally deliver these products to our customers. LUXE Champagne is a true gold tone and LUXE Rose Gold has those pinkish hues for a fun twist.

And, of course, Matte Black. Also taking the kitchen and bath industry by storm. Matte Black hardware is sleek and modern while adding the perfect contrast to tile and cabinetry selections.

To purchase online, please visit To purchase from a branch location, please check out our dealer locator page. And as always, contact us directly with any questions or requests for additional information.