Our Drains are Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA GuidelinesLUXE Linear Drains wedge wire grates comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is another reason why they are perfect for your design needs to address safety and confidence among senior citizens or those who are disabled.

Accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities states that there should be no spaces greater than 1/2 inch (13 mm) wide in one direction. LUXE Linear Drains offers grates that comply with these guidelines as to not limit any space for those in need.

These grates are also extremely strong and durable. They will need to endure a lot of traffic including wheelchairs, so you do not want to go with an inferior product.

These new ADA accessibility guidelines became effective on September 15, 2010, so make sure that you are sticking to ADA buildings and facilities code by contacting LUXE Linear Drains to learn more about these wedge wire grates. You can reach us by phone at 404-395-0070 or stop by our office in Atlanta, Georgia.

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