Our Drains Are Easy to Install

One bold statement we at LUXE Linear Drains stand behind is the ease with which our designs can be installed. Very little additional materials are required to successfully implement our system within a home or business, making our products the perfect solution for the do-it-yourself renovation project.

We provide detailed instructions on our company site to assist you with installation. The directions are provided in both picture friendly and written instructions. If for any reason you do not find our drains to be as easy as we claim, we also have professionals available to speak with, as well.

If you are looking for easy to install drains, you need to go no further than LUXE Linear Drains. We carry a variety of drains which will be sure to suit your construction needs and provide a high quality result you can be proud of.

Feel free to contact us at LUXE Linear Drains today with any questions.

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