Applying Universal Design Principles

Applying Universal Design Principles to Bathroom Design In the kitchen and bath industry, the term Universal Design is commonly mentioned, but what is Universal Design? How does it apply to bathroom design? And more specifically, how does it apply to linear drains in bathroom design. Curious? Read on... According to the National Disability Authority, … [Read more...]

Linear Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

Now that your beautiful LUXE shower drain has been installed for some time, you may be wondering how to clean it? We will give a quick run down right here. As a rule of thumb, avoid abrasive cleaners such as bleach when cleaning your LUXE Linear Drain. To aid in the longevity of the drain, it is best to use more mild cleaning agents. For our standard … [Read more...]

Project Highlight: Crossgrain, LLC

Repost Notice: This article was originally posted on CADdetails' blog, Design Ideas for the Built World. Our TI-55-2 [Tile Insert 5" x 5" drain] often takes a backseat to our linear drains, so we thought this project spotlight featuring Crossgrain LLC's installation of the TI-55-2 should have a permanent spot on our blog, too. Enjoy! Matt Weber of … [Read more...]