Why Linear Drains?

Why choose a linear drain for your bathroom design? If simply for aesthetics, linear drains aid in creating streamlined designs for showers, bathrooms, and wet rooms. The eye is not directed towards the suboptimal round strainer drain. However, linear drains offer much more than just an elevated design feature. To fully understand the benefit(s), it may … [Read more...]

The Origin of Linear Drains

Linear drains are continuing to become more and more popular in elevated bathroom and shower designs, but ever wonder where the idea of linear drains came from in the first place? Linear shower drains originated from the trench drain. You know those long drains you see running along pavement - maybe at the airport, a fire station, a parking lot, or a pool … [Read more...]

Linear Drains for a Cleaner, Safer Bathroom

Design and construction changes are inevitable with the current landscape of the industry and as it continues to evolve due to COVID-19. Designers, contractors, and customers alike may shift their focus to items that were previously overlooked or deemed unnecessary. Touchless faucets have long been used in commercial bathrooms but were a rarity in … [Read more...]