Residential Applications of LUXE Linear Drains

Are you remodeling your existing bathroom or adding a new one to the house? If any of these are the case you might want to consider incorporating a LUXE Linear Drain into your design scheme. A LUXE Linear drain is both practical and beautiful.

LUXE Linear Drain

LUXE Linear Drain

Many looks and finishes of LUXE linear drains are available for your particular taste.  A LUXE Linear drain blends right in with whatever surface you have chosen for your shower floor. A linear drain provides excellent drainage, making your shower floor safer. They can be incorporated into a curbless design, thus easing access and safety for the elderly or those with special needs. Luxe Linear drains meet ADA compliance standards. These are just a few of the benefits of a linear drain system.

Ask your plumbing professional how a Luxe Linear Drain can be incorporated into your design. When it comes to linear shower drains, there is a difference.

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