Stones or Tiles? Linear Drains Fit with Either

The current bathroom design trend shows increasing influences of natural elements, making it harder to determine if the the evergreen choice is stone or tiles for your bathroom. Unfortunately, if you find yourself facing this dilemma there is no simple answer. Stones, especially river rock can provide a definitive natural appeal to your design. Not everyone … [Read more...]

Linear Drains Improve the Function of Your Shower

It can be an annoyance when faced with puddling within the shower. When using linear shower drains though, you can avoid this as the water just runs away. Improving the functionality of your shower, pooling will become a thing of the past when using these drains, thus preventing any potential accidents as well. You could add accessories to your shower … [Read more...]

Design a Luxury Shower Enclosure

Contemporary Bathroom by Santa Monica Architects & Designers White Picket Fence, Inc A luxury shower can fit into most standard bathrooms and a bathtub can be converted into a shower during a renovation. The walk-in or curbless shower is gaining popularity in bathroom design since it makes the shower accessible to people of all ages and mobility … [Read more...]