Stainless Steel Drains are Green!

Not only are the stainless steel linear drains by LUXE Linear Drains an elegant solution for residential and commercial drainage needs – they are also a green solution, too!

That’s right, stainless steel is a green material. Stainless steel has a number of environmental benefits to offer, with one of the main benefits being that on average, new stainless steel is composed of about 70% recycled materials. And as it doesn’t degrade over time, stainless steel can be recycled over and over again without a loss of properties. This reduces the need for primary raw materials, which decreases the loss of non-renewable resources.

Additionally, stainless steel weighs less than materials used for similar purposes. For example, it weighs about one-third that of cast-iron. Because it weighs less, there is a result of a reduction in cargo weight, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. The lower weight of stainless steel also offers health and safety benefits for those who work with the material. For instance, handling the material is easier and safer since it takes less strength to carry and install it.

Stainless steel drains are green drains!

If you are looking for ways to make your home or property greener, consider installing stainless steel drains from LUXE Linear Drains for your drainage needs. You’ll never find a more elegant green solution! Contact us at 877-398-8110 for more information on how our stainless steel drains are green!

Learn more about the green attributes of stainless steel by visiting The Stainless Steel Information Center website.

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