Stainless Steel in Linear Drains is Green Building Material

Stainless Steel Linear DrainsMany homeowners are not aware that stainless steel is a green building material and provides many advantages over other materials. When you are looking at materials for your next home improvement project, you should consider LUXE Linear Drains’ stainless steel products.

New stainless steel contains an average of 70 percent recycled material and can be recycled indefinitely without a loss of properties. This reduces the need for primary raw materials and therefore contributes to global environmental protection. Stainless steel’sĀ installationĀ time, maintenance, and longevity make for a material that has no equal.

Stainless steel also weighs roughly one-third the weight of cast-iron, which reduces CO2 emissions during cargo transportation. It makes for a healthier and safer work environment as it is easier for workers to handle and requires less manpower to carry out the work.

Finally, stainless steel has a very high corrosion resistance and is easily cleaned and sterilized. It truly is one of the easiest materials with which homeowners can work.

To learn more about the benefits of stainless steel in your home or work place, visit the LUXE Linear Drains website or give us a call at 404-395-0070.

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