Understanding Universal Design

LUXE Linear contemporary bathroom

Universal design is a concept that addresses all kinds of human ability in one design. Thus, a structure that employs universal design doesn't have separate features for different age groups and abilities. Universal design is ideal for a few reasons. One, it eliminates the stigma and discrimination associated with disability and age. Two, it works for … [Read more...]

A Teak Shower Bench Addition

Contemporary Bathroom by Portland Architects & Designers Angela Dechard Design If you’re planning to add linear drains as well as other updates to your shower then consider installing a teak shower bench as part of your bathroom remodel as well. A teak shower bench is a great way to improve the function of your shower, and as far as materials go – teak … [Read more...]

Great Ideas for Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower can use various types of outdoor elements or be modernized. Outdoor showers are also a great solution to home drainage such as linear shower drains. They can enhance the look of the home or create an artistic appearance. Consider using architecture with the shower. Paint the walls of the shower to match the color of the home and the … [Read more...]