Hide the Drain with Tile Inserts

Contemporary Spaces by Salt Lake City Tile, Stone & Countertops Tarkus Tile, Inc. When it comes to bathroom design, one overlooked feature is the drain. A linear drain is a great way to promote good health and is also a method to limit complications that can develop by using other standard drain types. The common complaint is how the drain stands out. A … [Read more...]

The Advantages of Linear Drains

Spaces by Mississauga Building Supplies ACO Systems, Ltd. LUXE linear drains are the perfect way to promote health and sanitation in your shower or wet room. These drains are designed to provide more surface area to deliver a better mode of removing water from your surfaces. Standard circular drains often become overwhelmed with the flow of water and result … [Read more...]

Organize Your Restaurant’s Kitchen with LUXE

In a busy place like a restaurant where a range of knives are needed on demand, a knife slot can be the perfect solution. Knife slots from LUXE Linear Drains have the following benefits: They are a great way to improve organization. Always know where your knives are and find the one you need immediately with a knife slot inlaid in your counter surface. … [Read more...]