Great Ideas for Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower can use various types of outdoor elements or be modernized.¬†Outdoor showers are also a great solution to home drainage such as linear shower drains. They can enhance the look of the home or create an artistic appearance. Consider using architecture with the shower. Paint the walls of the shower to match the color of the home and the … [Read more...]

Consider a Doorless Shower for Unsurpassed Style

Traditional Bathroom by Seattle Interior Designers & Decorators Kimberley Bryan A popular design option for the bathroom is a doorless shower. This approach has long been used in European countries, and is making its way to the US. The open features of a doorless shower provide an amazing aesthetic opportunity. While closing off a shower area prevents … [Read more...]

Drains that Promote Safety and Cleanliness for the Health Care Industry

healthcare linear drain

Given the responsibilities with which healthcare facilities are entrusted, even the smallest considerations can result in big consequences. For example, choosing the right setup for the bathing facilities ensures that residents can bathe in a safe and comfortable manner, whereas poor choices can cause both danger and discomfort. For both private individuals … [Read more...]