A Kitchen Bench Drain is the Perfect Solution for Your Kitchen

A Kitchen Bench Drain is the Perfect Solution for Your Kitchen

Given that the kitchen sees so much use in most homes, it is no coincidence that kitchens are also more than a little bit prone to hosting messes. Letting messes accumulate on kitchen countertops is an open invitation for surface damage, but at the same time, cleaning them up can prove to be an enormous hassle. A time-saving fixture can do much to help … [Read more...]

Maxmize Counterspace with a Sleek Knife Slot

How you use your counter space is important to how efficient your kitchen space is. Too little counter space will end up cluttered, making it difficult to cook, serve and host. One way to address the functionality of your countertops is to invest in small renovations that will improve its efficiency, such as by installing a sleek new knife slot. The Luxe … [Read more...]

Linear Countertop Drains are Sleek and Hygenic

LUXE Linear Drains, LLC

A great kitchen design requires both elegance and practicality. Kitchen bench drains┬ánot only look the part, they are far more effective of clearing water from your countertop than any other method. The linear drain is especially useful for air drying glasses over time without causing a buildup of water. Our linear countertop drains will add visual interest … [Read more...]