Cleaning Your Linear Drain

Most people have never cleaned linear shower drains before. After all, why would you, unless there‚Äôs a problem, in which case you probably called a plumber. However, cleaning your linear shower drain will keep it working properly and stop that all-to-regular call to the plumber. Lift the cover of your shower drain with a linear shower drain key. Remove … [Read more...]

Stylish Design: LUXE Linear Drains

Drains are an often overlooked and undervalued essential feature to any building. A poorly designed drain will cause a number of problems for the user and worse, can lead to property damage and health complications. At LUXE Linear Drains we provide high quality design options that will not only surpass your drain needs, but produce a stylish finish that is … [Read more...]

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LUXE Linear Drains, LLC

At LUXE Linear Drains, we provide our customers with some of the most stylish and elegant options around for residential, hospitality and health care purposes. Our highly contemporary products are designed with the support of some of the top architects and craftsmen in the industry. Follow us on any of our social networks to keep up to date with all the … [Read more...]