The LUXE Linear Drains Square Tile Insert Point Drain – A Must for New & Remodeled Bathrooms

In addition to our linear shower drains, LUXE Linear Drains is proud to offer another fabulous drain solution, the LUXE Square Tile Insert Point Drain.

Out Tile Insert Point Drain is a must for new and remodeled bathrooms alike. It is a great option for areas of a tile floor or shower that requires a smaller drain. This drain can be used with any type of tile or stone, creating the illusion that water is disappearing into the floor.

The Tile Insert Point Drain is installed just like other tiles, and fits into all standard floor drains. It features a removable tile tray for easier access for cleaning, and like all other LUXE Linear Drain products, it is independent of waterproofing methods or materials – just use any code approved waterproofing materials.

Contact LUXE Linear Drains at 877-398-8110 to learn more about our Tile Insert Point Drain, or visit our website to learn about all of our drain products.

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