The Principles of Universal Design

More and more, homeowners are understanding the need for accessible homes. Universal design bathroom features such as linear drains are essential for ensuring that homeowners and their families can retain their independence without suffering a decline in comfort and convenience even with the onset of infirmities.

Universal Design Linear Drains

Here is how installing linear drains in the home result in better compliance with the principles of universal design:

  • Accessible bathroom features must be useful to a range of people. Furthermore, said features must also be capable of accommodating their personal needs. Based on these principles, linear drains make bathrooms more accessible because of their usefulness under a range of conditions.
  • At the same time, accessible bathroom features must also be intuitive to use, which is not a problem because the function of linear drains is simple and straightforward.
  • Linear drains are also reliable and error-tolerant because there is little that can obstruct their intended function, meaning that homeowners can depend on them under most circumstances.
  • Of course, manufacturers can also install linear drains in a range of sizes and shapes, thus accommodating all of a homeowners’ needs.

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