The Three Main Components of a Trench Drain

People often ask, “What exactly is a linear drain?”  While it’s called a linear drain because of its shape, it is basically a type of trench or channel drain made up of three specific components: a channel, a grate and an outlet. A channel-shaped body promotes the rapid evacuation of surface water, while simultaneously filtering out any contaminates through a grate attached to the channel. Normally this grate is flush to the surrounding surface and in the case of the LUXE Linear shower drains it’s constructed of 100% stainless steel.

Channel or linear drains are used mainly in residential or commercial construction while trench drains, normally formed from pre-cast concrete or cast-in place concrete are seen in on-site and infrastructure construction.

Linear shower drains help to improve the performance of the drain by draining more efficiently due to the long linear design. These linear systems must have concrete or some other type of shoring around the drain system, since they don’t have the integrity to hold up under the physical requirements needed for the drain by themselves.

Now that you have a general idea of how a trench/linear drain works, why not give LUXE Linear Drains a call at 877-398-8110. Let’s discuss how this type of system will work for your shower or free-standing soaking tub.

Photo: LUXE Linear Drains

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