Thinking Green – How to create interior spaces with a conscience

As the move towards green, sustainable homes gains traction, more homeowners are looking to create interiors that are not only attractive but also eco-friendly, healthier for their families and have minimal impact on the environment. From opting for natural or recycled materials to installing energy-saving appliances and technology to choosing paints, floor coverings and furniture that don’t emit harmful chemicals, there are many ways to incorporate green design in your home’s interior.

Following are some tips for achieving a more eco-conscious interior.

Go natural. For a beautiful, timeless aesthetic, consider using materials such as natural stone or reclaimed wood for surfaces and flooring. These materials offer an organic look-and-feel that creates a connection with nature while also providing durability. Natural stone can be found in an array of patterns and colors, providing a multitude of design possibilities. Using fast-growing materials such as bamboo and textiles created with natural fibers are other great ways to support sustainable design.

Minimize energy use. To reduce energy consumption, choose energy-efficient appliances along with smart technology that enables you to remotely control the temperature of your home and turn lights on and off as desired. Consider investing in a smart home water device to monitor water usage and alert you to potential leaks. Install high-quality, well-insulated windows and strategically use curtains, shades and blinds to keep warmer air outside during the summer and inside during the cooler months. Replacing existing insulation with eco-friendly natural wool insulation can also help to keep energy use in check.

Embrace stainless. Frequently used in the home for appliances, sinks, and kitchen and bath fixtures, stainless steel is one of the most sustainable materials available. As curbless and low entry showers grow in popularity, more homeowners are opting to install linear shower drains instead of traditional center drains. LUXE Linear Drains offers a range of contemporary drain designs, all crafted of 100 percent recyclable, 304-grade stainless steel and available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Design possibilities are endless, particularly with larger format tiles that are not compatible with traditional round strainer drains. For the ultimate minimalist look, opt for a tile insert linear drain, which allows the drain to seamlessly vanish into tile or stone.

Breathe easier. Indoor air quality is increasingly top of mind as consumers become more aware of the impact of the air inside their homes on their health and well-being. To help maintain healthy air flow and minimize the risk for allergies or asthma, select paints, finishes and flooring with zero or low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Improve ventilation by opening windows and consider installing a whole-home air purifier. Plants act as wonderful natural air filters and also bring the feel of nature indoors.

Making the commitment to include green elements in your home can make the spaces you inhabit healthier and more enjoyable without sacrificing style or performance. In fact, many of today’s green options are surprisingly attractive and affordable – all the while helping to preserve the planet.