Tile Insert Linear and Point Drains Make Water Vanish Before Your Eyes

These days, a minimalist look is highly appealing for many homeowners. Clean, simple lines are becoming the norm in many homes; as such a look helps to establish a calm, serene environment. This type of design is becoming especially popular in the bathroom.

A standard shower drain can create quite an obtrusive look and take away from the goal of a simple, yet stylish, bathroom. However, there are drains available that will serve their rightful purpose without distracting from the aesthetic of the space – Tile Insert Drains from LUXE Linear Drains. Available in two options, as a tile insert linear drain or as a tile insert point (square) drain, these drains are perfect for the shower or bathroom floor. They help set up a vanishing act of sorts, as water drains away discretely – in fact, because the tile insert linear drain and tile insert point drains blend into the surrounding floor so well, visitors to your home may not even notice them.

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