Tips for Your Outdoor Beach-Style Shower

thumb waterOutdoor showers are not just for the beach house anymore. In the city and mountains, at the lake or by the pool, you can build one anywhere.

Privacy Issues:

Do you want partial privacy, complete privacy, or none at all? Ask how your neighbors feel about that. Check your location from the street, the houses nearby, other rooms in your house, and the house up the hill. That will tell you if you need protection on one side or all.

If you are poolside, all you need to do is to wash off the chlorine. Since that does not take much more than a hose and a nozzle, focus on decor, fixtures, and drainage consistent with your home’s architecture.

Think Plumbing Needs: 

Assuming your design meets ordinances, have your licensed contractor locate the best spot for water access and drainage. Install a linear drain as simple as a recess in tile or architectural design over a french-drain leading to sewer or septic tank according to code. Linear drains move the water from shower floor to proper disposal without risky runoff. Ask your plumber to make it look good!


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