Maxmize Counterspace with a Sleek Knife Slot

How you use your counter space is important to how efficient your kitchen space is. Too little counter space will end up cluttered, making it difficult to cook, serve and host. One way to address the functionality of your countertops is to invest in small renovations that will improve its efficiency, such as by installing a sleek new knife slot. The Luxe … [Read more...]

Two Methods for Installing the LUXE Square Tile Insert Drain

In the past, we have told you how easy it is to install our LUXE Linear Drain products, but today we thought we’d give you proof in more than just words. Below is a YouTube video that we recently created, which shows two different methods of installation for our Square Tile Insert Drain into a standard clamping floor drain. One method uses a threaded barrel … [Read more...]

The Three Main Components of a Trench Drain

People often ask, "What exactly is a linear drain?"  While it’s called a linear drain because of its shape, it is basically a type of trench or channel drain made up of three specific components: a channel, a grate and an outlet. A channel-shaped body promotes the rapid evacuation of surface water, while simultaneously filtering out any contaminates through … [Read more...]