Unique Design Ideas for Your Shower Renovation

Are you renovating one or more showers in your home in the near future? If so, HGTV has plenty of great examples of unique shower renovations that will inspire your creative side and help you settle on a fresh design for each shower.

Shower RenovationsAdd some color to your early mornings with the Colorshower by Hansa. If this doesn’t wake you up in the morning, we don’t know what will.

Shower RenovationsYou can also stick with a sleek and sophisticated look, much like that of MTI’s shower door panel. Save for the hinges, you can barely tell that the panel is there.

Linear Drain for Shower RenovationTo make your updated showers even more cutting edge, consider installing linear shower drains. These unique and stylish pieces actually make shower renovations easier since you only need to create one slope for your shower floor instead of four slopes as you would for a standard point drain.

For more information about our linear shower drains and their ease of installation, visit the LUXE Linear Drains website or call us at 404-395-0070.

Images via HGTV

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