Updating Your Bathroom? Set Your Priorities

Get specific with your remodel

Get specific with your remodel

If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel the first thing you need to identify is what you want done. Here’s a guide to help you set some priorities for your new bathroom.

  • Specifics – Do you want a tub? Can it be separate from the shower? How many sinks? Are you looking to increase the amount of natural light? Whether you’re looking for a basic step-in shower or an entire master bath complete with steam room, make a list of what you want included in your bath.
  • Safety – Given the amount of accidents that happen in the bathroom safety should be a top priority. Once you decide what you want then you can plan to make the room safe. Non-slip surfaces, proper ventilation and drainage systems should all be part of this plan.
  • Appearance – Don’t worry, you don’t need to sacrifice appearance for safety. Even in drainage systems technical innovations such as liner drains mean you can pick something that looks great and functions at the top of it’s game.They’re made to fit in perfectly with any style of bathroom and to keep you floors dry.

To add linear drains to your bathroom remodel please contact  LUXE.

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