Which is Easier: One Slope, or Four Slopes?

Linear Drain for Shower RenovationIf you are thinking about installing a linear drain in your shower renovation, then LUXE has a question for you: would you rather have one slope, or four slopes?

By installing a traditional point, you are required to slope all four sides of the floor so that all liquid flows properly to the point drain. On the other hand, installing a linear drains requires a single slope in the floor, making the process much easier for both contractors and those who have decided to do it themselves.

Having a single slope with a linear drain in your shower can also allow you to use larger tiles for the project. Sloping four sides of the floor to accommodate a point drain system makes it more difficult to use anything but small tiles for the project.

To learn more about benefits of installing a linear drain for your shower renovation, call LUXE Linear Drains at 404-395-0070.

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