Why Linear Drains?

Why choose a linear drain for your bathroom design? If simply for aesthetics, linear drains aid in creating streamlined designs for showers, bathrooms, and wet rooms. The eye is not directed towards the suboptimal round strainer drain. However, linear drains offer much more than just an elevated design feature.

To fully understand the benefit(s), it may prove beneficial to understand how linear drains work. Linear drains originated from trench drains – see blog post here. Essentially a long, narrow trough runs along the side or middle of the shower. Water flows across the shower floor into the “gutter” (trench) and into a flanged floor drain. Then trench is covered with a metal grate [or tile insert tray], flush with the shower or room floor.

For the channel [trench] to drain the shower water properly, the shower floor must simply be pitched towards the drain site in a single plane. In the above illustration you can see the slight pitch of the shower floor starting on the far right, sloping towards the channel/trench. Why does this make a difference in shower design? A classic strainer drain at the center of the shower requires a four-way pitch of the shower floor. More tile cuts, more tile manipulation, more labor – and ultimately, limited tile selections. The initial materials cost are higher with a linear drain, but design options are limitless, regarding both placement and tile options.

Placement Options with a Linear Drain:

Placement Option with a Traditional Shower Drain:

Now let’s simply break it down – here are the benefits of linear drains:  

  • Drain placement is not limited
  • Less tile cuts are required reducing material and labor costs
  • Compatible with large format tiles
  • Wheelchair accessible/handicap showers – ADA complaint design
  • Easy to achieve universal design [no curb, zero threshold]
  • Increased flow rates
  • More efficient drainage improves safety and reduces mold
  • 100% stainless steel construction for durability and rust resistance
  • Quality & longevity of the shower pan is improved
  • Elevates the overall design of the bathroom, shower, or wet room

So, there you have it! Linear drains provide form and function without compromising aesthetics. Happy designing!

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