Why Use Linear Drains for Shower Renovations?

Tile Insert Linear Drain

Utilize a tile insert linear drain for your next shower renovation.

If you are looking into renovating your bathroom and/or shower, you need to consider using linear drains before you develop any sort of plan or design. Why is that?

Linear drains not only add great function to today’s drainage systems, but they look great while doing so. Instead of having a point drain that possibly obstructs your path in the shower, you can install a wedge wire linear drain that hugs the wall and sits at the same level as the rest of the shower floor. You can also use a tile insert linear drain that sits in the middle of the shower. The options really are endless.

Not only that, but our stainless steel linear drains are unmatched in craftsmanship and will not hurt your feet when you step on them. Competitors’ products are of a much poorer quality and are known to cause harm to those who step on them.

Take a look at our LUXE Linear Drains products page to get an idea of how you can incorporate one of these drains into your shower renovation. After doing so, call us at 404-395-0070 to learn more about obtaining one to use for your project.

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