Why We Use Stainless Steel

Why We Use Stainless Steel

Source: Lux Linear Drains

Stainless steel is a time-tested material that can withstand many of the ravages of nature and man. In fact, it does not readily corrode, nor rust or stain, under normal use. This fact applies to the stainless steel appliances used in factories and residential home, as well as to the more familiar kitchen flatware.

Stainless steel is a combination of traditional steel with a 10% amount of chromium. The result is a product that retains many of the benefits of steel – tensile strength, millability and hardness – with the one distinct advantage, it will not rust. For this reason, it is used extensively in areas exposed to water and other oxidizing agents.

This remarkable material has proven itself time and time again over the years. One notable example is the Empire State Building in New York City. The stainless steel exterior elements of the building have been in constant use and under constant exposure for over 80 years. The stainless portion has only needed to be cleaned once.

For more info on the benefits of stainless steel and why we use it, please contact us at LUXE Linear Drains. We can be found online or reached directly at 877-398-8110.

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