How do I slope the floor?
LUXE Linear Drains are linear designed shower channels. All floors are pitched in a simple single plane, not dished, as with conventional center waste outlets.
Do I need to pitch the channel? Is the channel pitched?
Our standard channels have a built in cross break or fall and are designed to be installed level. This allows you to locate the outlet anywhere on the channel. The water will drain via capillary action (siphoning) once in the channel. The exception would be for a miter installation, which makes it necessary to pitch the non-outlet end of the channel towards the outlet.
How many outlets do I need?
Interior installation: Depending on the number of shower heads and flow rates, we generally recommend one 2” outlet for every 60″. Exterior installation: We recommend an outlet every 40″. Example: If you place an outlet in the middle of a 48″ drain channel, you would have 24″ on either side. If you install the outlet on the extreme end leaving 42″, a second outlet may be necessary, depending on how much water you are draining.

General guidelines (please check local building and plumbing codes): @ 8gpm, you will need one standard 2” outlet; @ 16gpm, you will require either one 3” outlet or 2 x 2” outlets.

Where can I install my LUXE Linear Drain?
Shower, bathroom floor, patio, pool perimeter, garage door threshold, etc… Applications are only limited by your imagination.
Can the LUXE Linear Drain go flush against the wall?
For bathrooms, we suggest either against the wall or at the threshold; the limitation is what is underneath the floor. However, when installing with a clamp down drain, you may have to build your wall up to the edge of the channel if you want it flush to the wall.
What kind of sealants/cement should I use to connect the channel piece?
We recommend a high quality sealant like Sikaflex primer 260 and Sikaflex 11FC, Sikaflex 1A or Sika construction adhesive. It is important a primer is used with the stainless steel adhesives.
What type of waterproofing should I use?
Any waterproofing membrane or process can be used. Vinyl, CPE, roll/paint on, lead pan, hot mop etc. As long as it complies to local code.

For more information or other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.