New Finishes at LUXE

New finishes have finally arrived at LUXE! Champagne, Matte Black and Rose Gold. The perfect finishes to match a wide array of bathroom fixtures and hardware. All [custom] finishes were previously available for special order only, but limited quantities are readily available in our Square Pattern, Subway and Wedgewire linear drains. Gold fixtures have … [Read more...]

Specifying Linear Drains

We’ve talked about styles, sizes, installation, and placement options, but we haven’t talked much about specifying a linear drain. To simplify the specification process, we recently partnered with Concora. All design tools and specification needs are right in one – super user-friendly – platform, which can be directly accessed from our website. Check it out … [Read more...]

Curb or No Curb?

If you’re exploring shower design options you’ve probably come across the terms no curb, zero threshold, and curbless . You’ve probably also discovered some pictures of beautiful walk-in showers, but have you taken a minute to note if the shower has a curb or no curb? To some a small detail, to others, a crucial detail. So what’s the difference? Why a curb? … [Read more...]