Tub to Shower Conversions with Linear Drains

Thinking of renovating a bathroom? Switching out an old tub for a new, sparkling shower? Great, we are here to help! Often the vision and expectation of renovation(s) ignores the realistic parameters – primarily, space and money. Linear drains can help with both issues at hand by creating a beautiful, luxurious shower that does not require an exorbitant … [Read more...]

Linear Drains and Waterproofing

Linear Drains, with or without integrated waterproofing? Now that linear drains are continuing to gain more market share in the kitchen and bath industry, the options have become seemingly overwhelming. What brand should I choose? Why? Well, let’s start with the design of the shower per local codes. What are your local plumbing codes? What type of … [Read more...]

Maximizing Safety with Linear Drains

Linear drains can ultimately create a safer bathing area for all individuals, no matter age or ability. How? It is quite simple – the single pitch of the floor towards the linear drain creates a more stable, continuous bathing surface. Linear drains also typically have higher drain rates. All LUXE Linear Drains can drain up to 9 GPM.  Less standing … [Read more...]