Keep Your Guests Safe on Rainy Days with a Wedgewire Staircase

Rainy days don't have to cause safety worries for you and your guests ... nor does providing great drainage have to mean installing an unsightly industrial drain. Instead, Wedgewire staircases provide excellent outdoor functionality in wet weather while still giving a beautiful, high-end look for your property. The secret is in the design. Wedgewire outdoor … [Read more...]

Updating Your Bathroom? Set Your Priorities

If you're thinking of a bathroom remodel the first thing you need to identify is what you want done. Here's a guide to help you set some priorities for your new bathroom. Specifics - Do you want a tub? Can it be separate from the shower? How many sinks? Are you looking to increase the amount of natural light? Whether you're looking for a basic step-in … [Read more...]

Bathroom Design Trends

If you’re considering altering your bathroom by installing linear drains, you should take a look at some of the current bathroom design trends to see if there any other upgrades that you might want to make. The following are a few bathroom design trends that we highly recommend implementing into your bathroom remodel Gray Color Scheme – The use of … [Read more...]