Linear Drains and Waterproofing

Linear Drains, with or without integrated waterproofing? Now that linear drains are continuing to gain more market share in the kitchen and bath industry, the options have become seemingly overwhelming. What brand should I choose? Why? Well, let’s start with the design of the shower per local codes. What are your local plumbing codes? What type of … [Read more...]

Ease of Installation & Simplicity of Design Draw Consumers to LUXE Linear Drains

Do your plans for the coming months include a shower or complete bathroom renovation? If so, you’re probably in the process of determining which fixtures you would like to include in your renewed space. As we've mentioned before, linear shower drains are a must for the modern shower space for a number of reasons. When selecting a linear shower drain, you … [Read more...]

LUXE Linear Drains are Easier to Install than Similar Drains from the Competition

One of the questions often asked about LUXE Linear Drains is how easy or difficult it is to install them. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that the process of installing one of our linear drains isn’t as difficult as it is to install similar products from other manufacturers when we compare the process for them. Linear drains from some of our … [Read more...]