Convert Your Hotel Tubs into Showers with Style

Contemporary Bathroom by Thornhill Interior Designers & Decorators Avalon Interiors While vacation travelers always want the best deal and are often indecisive about their exact needs, business travelers know what they want and they will usually pay top dollar for it. In addition, their work requirements make them a far more reliable market than the … [Read more...]

Signs Your Home Might Need a New Drain

There’s nothing worse than seeing the water level in a sink, tub or toilet rise without running water to fill it. More often than not, it means something is clogging your drain. However, sometimes it is better to replace the drain to keep further problems from happening or from growing larger. The following are a few signs that you need new drains. If you … [Read more...]

About LUXE Linear Drains

A shower drain is an opportunity for beauty, subtlety, and simplicity.  The stainless steel linear drain designs available through LUXE Linear Drains are a simple but effective way to add extraordinary style and safety.  Blending seamlessly with the larger tile design of your shower, the Linear Drains either sit flush against the wall below a stainless steel … [Read more...]