4 Advantages of Having a Linear Drain in Your Shower

4 Advantages of Having a Linear Drain in Your Shower

Drains are not the most glamorous shower component, but choosing the right drain is nonetheless essential to ensure a safe and comfortable showering experience. Even though linear drains are but one of the options available to interested homeowners, these drains possess a number of outstanding qualities that make them stand out among the competition. Here … [Read more...]

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When planning your new dream kitchen or luxurious new master bath, drain design might not be on top of your priority features list. However, decorative linear drains, popular for years among the design-conscious in Asia and Europe, are one of the biggest trends in North America, and should definitely be penciled in to your renovation or new home … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Drain for Your Shower

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Although the shower head usually gets all the attention, it is important to not overlook the drain. Choosing the right drain will enhance both the function and style of your shower. You don't have to settle for a basic drain, there are plenty of innovative options on the market that will be the perfect addition to your bathroom. Linear Drains A linear … [Read more...]