A Kitchen Bench Drain is the Perfect Solution for Your Kitchen

A Kitchen Bench Drain is the Perfect Solution for Your Kitchen

Given that the kitchen sees so much use in most homes, it is no coincidence that kitchens are also more than a little bit prone to hosting messes. Letting messes accumulate on kitchen countertops is an open invitation for surface damage, but at the same time, cleaning them up can prove to be an enormous hassle. A time-saving fixture can do much to help … [Read more...]

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When planning your new dream kitchen or luxurious new master bath, drain design might not be on top of your priority features list. However, decorative linear drains, popular for years among the design-conscious in Asia and Europe, are one of the biggest trends in North America, and should definitely be penciled in to your renovation or new home … [Read more...]

Updating Your Bathroom? Set Your Priorities

If you're thinking of a bathroom remodel the first thing you need to identify is what you want done. Here's a guide to help you set some priorities for your new bathroom. Specifics - Do you want a tub? Can it be separate from the shower? How many sinks? Are you looking to increase the amount of natural light? Whether you're looking for a basic step-in … [Read more...]