Is There Rust on My Drain??

Here at LUXE, we have received a few phone calls over the years from customers concerned that their stainless steel drains have turned…gasp…rusty. Our drains are certifiably 304-grade stainless steel so this absolutely should not and essentially cannot happen. Right?? Curious, we have asked our concerned customers to send in photos of their drains and, … [Read more...]

LUXE Kitchen Bench Drain

LUXE Kitchen Bench Drain

Welcome to the 'LUXE Getting The Kitchen Ready for the Holidays (even if it’s only for your direct family, #COVID) - Mini Blog Series!' Our first feature is the LUXE Kitchen Bench Drain - So you’re probably thinking a drain for the kitchen? Confused? Let us explain… The kitchen countertop is one of the most used surfaces in any home – prone to messes and … [Read more...]

Thinking Green – How to create interior spaces with a conscience

As the move towards green, sustainable homes gains traction, more homeowners are looking to create interiors that are not only attractive but also eco-friendly, healthier for their families and have minimal impact on the environment. From opting for natural or recycled materials to installing energy-saving appliances and technology to choosing paints, floor … [Read more...]