Avoid Standing Water on Your Walkways with Linear Drains

You only have one opportunity to provide your customers with a good impression. Before your clients even make it to your door, they may have already made a decision about your competence and professionalism based on what your walkway looks like. Let’s face it; your clients do not want to be worried about stepping in water puddles that have formed along your … [Read more...]

Convert Your Hotel Tubs into Showers with Style

Contemporary Bathroom by Thornhill Interior Designers & Decorators Avalon Interiors While vacation travelers always want the best deal and are often indecisive about their exact needs, business travelers know what they want and they will usually pay top dollar for it. In addition, their work requirements make them a far more reliable market than the … [Read more...]

Check Out Our Ad in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

If you have ever read Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine then you know that it is a great resource for homeowners. Full of helpful articles, suggestions and inspiration, this magazine makes home improvement stylish and exciting.  It is also one of the best places to find local resources when improving your home in the local Atlanta area. Here at LUXE we are … [Read more...]