Convert Your Hotel Tubs into Showers with Style

While vacation travelers always want the best deal and are often indecisive about their exact needs, business travelers know what they want and they will usually pay top dollar for it. In addition, their work requirements make them a far more reliable market than the fickle consumer one.

For these reasons, the hotel industry has always been very responsive to the needs of business travelers. Most recently, in response to consumer requests, hotels have started offering luxurious and stylish showers instead of the standard hotel bath tub. It seems that business people do not have the time nor inclination to sit and soak in a spa or oversized tub. Still, they are aficionados of luxury.

The answer to this seeming quandary is for a hotel to install luxurious showers with multiple shower heads, comfortable benches and linear drains that leave the shower as functional and aesthetically  pleasing as possible.

For more info on linear drains or any other features of a hotel bathroom remodel, visit the professionals at Luxe. We have a fantastic selection of items that are ideal for any hotel bathroom remodel. You visit us online at or call us directly at 877-398-8110.

photo courtesy of Houzz

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