Signs Your Home Might Need a New Drain

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There’s nothing worse than seeing the water level in a sink, tub or toilet rise without running water to fill it. More often than not, it means something is clogging your drain. However, sometimes it is better to replace the drain to keep further problems from happening or from growing larger. The following are a few signs that you need new drains.

  • If you attempt to drain your bathtub and water begins to bubble back at you, either inside the bathtub itself or the nearby toilet.
  • If you drain your kitchen sink and the water backs up into the nearest toilet.
  • If you flush your toilet and the water then backs up through the drain in your bathtub.
  • If you are doing laundry and you notice soapy water come back up through a floor drain, shower drain or toilet.
  • If you flush your toilet and you notice sewer water backing up through a patio drain, the drain at the lowest level of your home, the driveway drain or an outside downspout.

If you notice any of these problems with your drains, contact LUXE Linear Drains. They will provide you with a number of solutions to fix your drainage problems.

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