LUXE: Beyond the Drains

Here at LUXE Linear Drains we are known for our beautifully discreet square tile drains for the bathroom, but those aren't the only products we have to offer. Our products go beyond bathroom drains to accommodate clients whose businesses have specialty needs. So if you have a specific use for drains in mind, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We use 100 … [Read more...]

Keep Your Swimming Pool Deck Clean and Dry This Summer

Summer is coming in a couple of months, which means throngs of visitors will soon be headed to the pool. Although it might seem as though it is too late to implement drastic changes, there is still much that can be done in preparation for the upcoming deluge. Linear drains provide a beautiful and functional addition to any pool. Installing a linear drain … [Read more...]

Check Out Our Ad in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

If you have ever read Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine then you know that it is a great resource for homeowners. Full of helpful articles, suggestions and inspiration, this magazine makes home improvement stylish and exciting.  It is also one of the best places to find local resources when improving your home in the local Atlanta area. Here at LUXE we are … [Read more...]