Spring Refresh with LUXE

Oh, spring is here—a time of rebirth, reinvention, and—renovation! Whatever your story, whether the kids are coming home from college, or you have visitors stopping by for barbecues in the warmer months (socially distanced, of course), you’ll want to make sure your home is in tip-top shape and ready for all the fun summer has to offer.

Here’s how LUXE Linear Drains can upgrade your bathroom, wet room, or outdoor patio to give your home a sleek, modern, interior-designer-approved aesthetic, year-round!


Our Tile Insert Drains are the perfect component to your modern bathroom. Not only can they accommodate your chosen tile or bathroom flooring, but because they are LUXE Linear Drains, they offer a more appealing design element as well. Say goodbye to that traditional, round, clunky drain that often requires your shower floor to slope in the middle. LUXE linear drains meet the Universal Design standard, you can rest easy when Grandma comes to visit; since the design is practically seamless, they are not only aesthetically pleasing but safe and functional as well.

Perhaps you’d like for your linear drain to make a statement all its own without blending into your bathroom flooring. Not to worry: we offer plenty of decorative grate options outside of our popular Tile Insert Tray, and all offer that same sleek and functional LUXE design. Check out our Square Pattern, Wedgewire, Roman, and Subway Grates as well!

Photo Courtesy of Lord Interior Design 

Wet Room

If you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom to a wet room, LUXE Linear Drains are almost a necessity when it comes to function and cohesive design. Because there is little to no sectioning off of the shower area in a wet room, you need to be sure your wet room is designed for maximum draining capacity. Install our LUXE Linear Drains right into your bathroom floor using one of our Tile Insert options, or choose one of our other decorative grates to match your unique design style and preferences.

Outdoor Patio

Chances are your outdoor patio will be getting much more use in the warmer months, and summer is just around the corner. Our premium Wedgewire grates are the perfect design for all your outdoor drain needs, be it for precipitation, outdoor showers, pools—you name it.

Consider also installing a LUXE Wedgewire Kitchen Bench Drain into your outdoor bar for upgraded entertaining! Just like our Wedgewire Linear Drain, our Kitchen Bench drain is sleek and functional, made of trustworthy 304 grade stainless steel—like all standard LUXE drains.

And lastly, don’t forget about our LUXE Knife Slots, the perfect companion to your patio grill and your LUXE Kitchen Bench Drain. Our knife slots are installed directly into your counterspace, creating less clutter on your workspace and providing that overall stream-lined aesthetic that all LUXE products offer.

For more information and specifications on LUXE products, please visit CADdetails.com.