Article Suggests Remodeling for Multigenerational Living

These days, it is almost as common for multiple generations of one family to live in the same home as it is for senior adults to wish to live independently for as long as they can. Regardless of which of the two categories you may fall into, remodeling your home for multigenerational living is a wise consideration, as that will make it easier for people of all ages and mobility levels to navigate it with ease.

This was the topic of discussion in an article published in the AJC HomeFinder earlier this year. The article noted that such improvements serve two purposes: “They increase accessibility for aging residents and they add value, making the home more attractive to potential buyers when the time comes to sell.” One of the renovations suggested was to include a walk-in shower, which is much easier and safer to enter and exit than a bathtub, as residents won’t have to step over the side and risk losing their balance.

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