Linear Drain Placement

Where is the best place to install a linear drain? One of our most frequent questions. The simple answer is – ideally, opposite the threshold. With linear drain installation, the shower floor must be sloped towards the linear drain. Meaning if the drain is placed opposite of the threshold, all water is flowing down the slight slope [pitch] of the shower floor and away from the shower entry. HOWEVER, placement opposite the threshold does not work for all designs

and is not always the perfect option. Linear drains offer the ability to place the drain wherever is desired – back wall, front wall, middle of the shower, wall-to-wall, 2” out from the wall, at the threshold, opposite the threshold – ALL options are completely correct.*

The questions you might ask yourself when deciding where to place your linear drain are: 1. what is your goal with installing the linear drain and 2. what flows best with your design? For example, if you’re going to have a curbless shower designed for maximizing bathing safety – maybe Universal Design? maybe aging-in-place? – then installing opposite the threshold will probably make the most sense because you want to effectively move as much water as possible away from the entry and down the drain. No spillover to maximize safety and a single pitch of the shower floor to create a stable flooring surface in the bathing area.

If you’re looking for a unique design feature, placement in the center of the shower might be the best option to deliver the desired results. See below center placements for inspiration:

If a tub-to-shower conversion is in the works, then placement a few inches out from the front wall of the shower should work. This positioning allows for use of the existing plumbing, right where it is. Relocating plumbing is typically one of the most significant expenses during bathroom renovations, so utilizing the existing plumbing results in considerable cost savings.   

Modern, minimal design? Wall-to-wall installation is a popular choice, maintaining clean lines with minimal obtrusion to the shower floor. Wall-to-wall installation might be difficult with standard size options available depending on the design parameters, but not to worry! LUXE offers Modular V Channel Kits, in both Tile Insert and Wedgewire grate options,  designed to be cut-down-to-size right on the jobsite. That’s right – site adjustable – making those wall-to-wall installations easy! For more information on the Mod V kits check out this article and product information.  

Linear drains not only provide a unique design feature for any shower or bathroom, but also offer great flexibility in designing.  There is no one-size-fits-all option when deciding on the placement of your linear drain. There are the technical factors –  plumbing, space available, codes and regulations– and design factors that will ultimately impact your placement choice. And therefore, we always advise to consult your design professional for the best possible option considering all necessary components.

For more design and placement inspiration, browse our gallery.

*Please remember to check all local plumbing codes and linear drain installation instructions before installing.